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- Insertion of the Prestige System
- Improved Recoil
- Improved Enemy AI
- Improved character animations
- Possibility of resetting the character

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03/11/2023 Official Release
The adventure begins on 03/11/2023, test yourself in a first-person shooter, online multiplayer, you have many dynamics to learn and master and many quests to complete in order to become a true Venatur.
Play the full game, create a team of loyal friends to face all the dangers that come your way.
We are waiting for you!!!

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Venatur Vip
SiBa Games wants to promote collaboration with content creators who will believe in Venatur with a dedicated marketing program.
Are you a Streamer or a Youtuber?
Do you want to monetize your time on Venatur?
Click on the link below for information on how to join the direct marketing campaign with SiBa Games.

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Venatur Official Announcement Trailer

Venatur is a PVPVE tactical first person shooter, survive and extract, find valuable loot, craft better equipment to complete a 3 factions story line.